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Motorsport Storage and Transit Insurance from MIS Motorsport.

Whether you need insurance for transporting vehicles and equipment to events, track day or long-term storage, MIS can arrange cover to your individual requirements. Don’t leave your valuable assets vulnerable to risks and financial setbacks.

Safeguard your investments and focus on what you do best knowing you have a tailored insurance policy created by professionals.

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Whether you’re operating at your business premises or in transit to and from events, We are your pole position partner for Commercial Insurance Products.

Why Motorsport Storage and Transit Insurance?

Storage insurance protects motorsport vehicles and equipment whilst being stored in a designated location. This could be a warehouse, garage or other storage facility. It covers risks such as fires, theft, vandalism and natural disasters that could cause damage to your items.

Your vehicles and equipment can also be covered whilst they are in transit, whether that be locally, nationally or internationally. It covers risks such as accidents, theft and other unforeseen events that may occur.

Another high-risk activity whilst transporting vehicles is damage whilst loading and unloading. You’ll likely be loading your vehicles onto transport vehicles and mishaps can easily happen. These could be minor, but accidents during loading and unloading can lead to significant losses.

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Storage and Transit Insurance for the Motorsport Industry.

Storage and transit insurance ensure that unforeseen circumstances don’t lead to financial setbacks. If your motorsport assets are damaged or stolen whilst being transported or stored, you could be left with the burden of paying for repairs or replacements which would likely significantly impact your operations.

Furthermore, many motorsport events and competitions require proof of insurance coverage, making it essential for participation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve spoken to thousands of motorsport professionals. To ensure you have the basics covered we’ve answered the most asked questions.

Who needs Motorsport Storage and Transit Insurance?

Motorsport teams, event organisers, individuals and other businesses can benefit if their involved in the storage or transportation of motorsport vehicles and equipment. It’s particularly relevant to those directly involved in motorsport events or competitions.

What does Motorsport Storage and Transit Insurance cover?

The type of motorsport insurance typically covers any damage to vehicles, spare parts and tools. It can also cover theft and vandalism.

How much does Motorsport Storage and Transit Insurance cost?

Anyone who works in the motorsport industry can benefit but providers commonly work with motorsport teams, racing circuits, vehicle manufacturers and suppliers. It’s important to assess what risks are associated with your involvement when considering what coverage is necessary.

Motorsport Storage and Transit Insurance

Don’t leave your valuable assets vulnerable to risks.

For anyone involved in the motorsport industry, Storage and Transit Insurance is essential. It helps to alleviate the financial burden associated with damage or theft of vehicles, parts, tools, and other equipment, which could significantly affect your operations.

Furthermore, proof of insurance coverage is often required for participation in many motorsport events and competitions, so it’s absolutely crucial.

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Ready to have complete peace of mind this race season?

Ready to have complete peace of mind this race season?

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