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MIS | Motorsport Liability Insurance

This is what the signs and the disclaimers tell us – until something goes wrong!

If you are organising an event, providing on event support or participating Public Liability Insurance will protect you against claims brought by others. You may not even be directly involved in the incident but just being there could cause you to be included in an action. Our team can provide a policy specific to your own requirements utilising our access to markets that specialise in this area of insurance.

No motorsport related activity is beyond our capability and current clients include but are not limited to:

  • Governing bodies
  • Event/Trackday Organisers
  • Race/Rally Teams
  • Motorsport Clubs
  • Driving Schools
  • Tractor Pullers
  • Hovercraft Racing

Cover can be provided on an annual basis or for single events. Cover can also be extended to include Employers Liability Insurance to protect staff, volunteers, instructors and sub-contractors.

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Our leading Motorsport liability insurance is designed to protect individuals, businesses, teams and organisations involved in motorsport activities.

What does Motorsport Liability Insurance cover?

As mentioned, motorsport liability insurance policies can vary and only by using an expert insurance professional can you get a true understanding of the extent of the coverage you have or need. However, you can typically expect the following coverage:

  • Third-party liability

This protects you from any claims made by a third party who suffers any personal injury or property damage because of an incident involving you at a motorsport event.

  • Participant accident coverage

This provides coverage for drivers or other participants who sustain injuries whilst taking part in a motorsport event. Typically, it will include any medical costs you incur, loss of earnings and a lump sum payment to designated beneficiaries should the worst happen.

  • Property damage

Protects against damage to property owned by others such as vehicles, equipment and track facilities caused by your activities during a motorsport event. Typically includes the cost of replacement or repairs to any damaged property.

  • Event cancellation coverage

In some cases, your liability insurance may include protection from financial losses due to an event being cancelled, postponed or abandoned for circumstances beyond your control. Mainly associated with event organisers you can ensure you are covered for things such the cost of ticket refunds, venue rental and advertising costs.

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Ready to have complete peace of mind this race season?

Ready to have complete peace of mind this race season?

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