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Motorsport Motor Trade Insurance from MIS Motorsport.

Don’t let unforeseen accidents, damages or legal disputes disrupt your motorsport business operations.

Safeguard your business with a comprehensive and affordable insurance policy. Our expertise and experience make us your ideal insurance partner so request a quote and let us keep your business on track.

MIS is able to offer garages, race teams and other motorsport-related entities, exclusive quotes at better premiums with excellent insurance cover with a variety of payment options including flexible instalment plans.

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Whether you’re operating at your business premises or in transit to and from events, We are your pole position partner for Commercial Insurance Products.

Motorsport Motor Trade Insurance

From Racetracks to Mechanics

If you operate a business in motorsport you will be exposed to a range of risks and liabilities, many of which are unique to the industry. You will likely own expensive equipment, high-value vehicles and a host of crucial equipment that can easily become damaged or stolen. You may also have employees or other individuals on your premises that could cause damage or any unexpected business interruption.

The right insurance policy will provide protection and allow your business to operate to its full potential.

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Turbocharge your Motorsport Motor Trade Insurance

Your motorsport assets will likely be valuable and loss or damage could be financially devastating to your business. Motorsport Motor Trade Insurance covers you for damage or theft to your vehicles and equipment.

It’s becoming common nowadays for racetracks or event organizers will make it a requirement that you hold the necessary insurance in order to use their facilities or participate in events.

You may also face legal disputes and your Motorsport Motor Trade Insurance can provide cover for legal costs and damages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve spoken to thousands of track day enthusiasts and racing drivers. To ensure you have the basics covered we’ve answered the most commonly asked questions.

What is Motorsport Motor Trade Insurance?

Motorsport Motor Trade Insurance is designed to protect businesses and individuals who work in the motorsport industry. It commonly covers risks such as property damage, liability and theft. Any policy can be tailored to meet the unique needs of the motorsport business.

What types of Motorsport Motor Trade Insurance policies are available?

Specific coverage can vary depending on the requirements of the business or individual. Policies can include cover for loss of earnings, property damage, equipment coverage, as well as insurance of race and commercial vehicles.

Who needs Motorsport Motor Trade Insurance?

Anyone who works in the motorsport industry can benefit but providers commonly work with motorsport teams, racing circuits, vehicle manufacturers and suppliers. It’s important to assess what risks are associated with your involvement when considering what coverage is necessary.

How much does Motorsport Motor Trade Insurance cost?

The cost of Motorsport Motor Trade Insurance of all types varies depending on the level of coverage required. This is especially the case with trade insurance as the size and nature of businesses has a big impact on cost.

Motorsport Motor Trade Insurance

MIS provides Motorsport Motor Trade Insurance with a range of options.

Coverage is available whether you’re operating at your business premises or in transit to and from events. We can cover your team whilst operating at racetracks or in service areas.

We can also present options to cover property material damage, liability coverage, business interruption, commercial road risk, coverage for stock and all legal costs.

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Ready to have complete peace of mind this race season?

Ready to have complete peace of mind this race season?

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